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In our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, we kindly request all our valued guests embrace the following:

Energy Conservation

We have been looking at how we can reduce our impact upon the environment through reducing consumption of energy, in particular electricity. We conducted an audit of appliances on the site and replaced those that were deemed to be inefficient. We also adjusted our practices by turning off as many items as possible whilst rooms are not in use. Please join us in conserving energy by turning off lights and appliances when not in use. For tips on how to reduce energy consumption at home, visit

Embrace Eco – Friendly Transportation

Consider leaving your car behind, even if only for a day. Explore the surrounding by walking, cycling, or utilizing public transportation.

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  • Cycling – Sefton council runs a cycle hire scheme. As of October 2023, a 4-hour bike hire is £6.00 or just £10.00 for a full day.
  • Train – We highly recommend using the train to visit Liverpool. Start your journey after 9.30am and purchase a ticket for £5.95 (March 2024). The frequent and reliable service usually runs every 15 minutes allowing you to avoid the hassle of car parking. You can upgrade to a combined train & ferry travel so your can enjoy the ferry across the Mersey. For services to Liverpool please check the Mersey rail website for more information. For services to Manchester and beyond please check Northern Rail.
  • Bus – If you have a bus pass, you may be able to use it on Southport buses provided it has a red rose in the corner. There is a bus service which travels from Preston to Southport and then on to Liverpool along with more local attractions such as Botanic Gardens. Please see the Arriva website for more details.

Support Local Business

By choosing to support locally-owned businesses, you play an active role in bolstering the local economy, ensuring that funds circulate within the community. This in turn paves the way for further investments in local services and enterprises, setting off a beneficial chain reaction. As a visitor of Southport, embracing the opportunity to dine at an independent, locally owned restaurant enhances your experience, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the authentic essence of our town. Check out the Your Southport Facebook page for more details.

Save Paper

We digitalize our Tourism leaflets. Paper can be reduced in small ways such as not requesting a receipt or making digital notes. Please use recycle bins for paper when provided.

Water Wisdom

All our taps use aerators & toilets have a dual flush. We ask that you use water thoughtfully and responsibly during your stay. Please try to reuse towels & turn taps off when not in use.

Respect for Nature

Preserve the beauty of our environment by refraining from littering and helping protect our wildlife. If you are heading to the beach, please do not leave litter. The Sefton Coastline is a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and home to some of the UKs rarest species such as Sand Lizards, Dune Beatles, and Natterjack Toads, and extra care needs to be taken to ensure they are protected.

Your commitment to our principles not only enhances your stay but also contributes to a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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